The Titan Process boosts and enhances waterflood performance

The Titan Process® is a dynamic, new and unique form of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR). The Titan Process injects special nutrients into a reservoir which change the skin characteristics of the individual microbes living in the reservoir biofilm and induces the microbes to become oleophilic [oil-loving] and attach themselves to oil droplets. The microbes then dislodge and uniquely break down the trapped oil within the pore spaces into smaller droplets. These smaller droplets can now more easily pass through the pore spaces of the reservoir and become recoverable. A gentle emulsion is also formed by a unique combination of oil, water and energized microbes. This emulsion blocks thief zones, channeling and fingering, thereby allowing for greatly improved sweep efficiency and a substantial reduction to the water cut.

Original Oil Field: Primary production is caused by internal reservoir pressures that have built up over millions of years. This pressure forces a flow of liquids towards the well bore which acts like a release valve. Years of oil production takes place and approximately 20% of the original oil in place is recovered. Oil Field After Several Years: The pressure of the reservoir abates and recovery now has to be aided by forcing water under very high pressure into the reservoir that will push oil towards the production well. This is called a “water flood” and is the most common secondary oil recovery method. The water, pushing through the porous carbonate or sandstone, recovers another 10-15% of the original oil in place.

Before Drilling: Microscopic view of oil and sand compacted under pressure in the oil reservoir. After Primary Production: A great deal of oil still remains in the reservoir but is increasingly difficult to recover.
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