Titan has achieved outstanding success in increasing oil production in many oil fields over the past three years and during the previous R&D phase.

The Titan Field Applications Supplement provides details on 12 oil fields where the Titan Process has been applied. The results of additional field treatments are also tabulated to provide the technical information supporting why Titan is being recognized today for it revolutionary oil recovery technology.

Two SPE Technical Papers co-written by Husky Energy and Venoco Inc, were presented at two recent Society of Petroleum Engineers conferences describe well above average production increases using the Titan Process®. These papers — SPE #124319 and SPE #129742 — are available upon request.

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Significant increase in production and cash flow
Low cost
Low risk: A simple pilot test is implemented on 2-3 wells
No capital expense
Increased recovery
Life of field is extended for years
Reduced lifting costs
Costly oil field shutdown expenses for mature fields are postponed
Environmentally friendly (hydrogen sulfide decreases; no harsh chemicals or additives used)
Oil production increases within 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the size of the field
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