Revitalizing Oil Fields with State of the Art Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) Technology
— Proprietary, Proven and Specific
Bringing New Life to Oil Fields
92% Average Production Increase for 300 plus well applications
48 oil fields
98% Success Rate on Injector Well Applications
Effective Low-Cost Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology

The Titan Process offers a low cost, simple, fast and proven oil recovery technology that can increase your production, cash flow and recoverable reserves.
The Titan Process can halt production declines, decrease water cut and significantly improve production on your oil field, with its proprietary, commercially proven, fast, simple and low cost technology. Titan Oil Recovery provides a complete, start-to-finish capability to independent and major oil company production units.

Breakthrough, State-of-the-Art MEOR Technology
The Titan Process is a totally new direction in Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR), offering an advanced, state-of-the-art oil recovery technology available in the world. Combining petroleum engineering and breakthrough biotechnology, Titan will allow you to maximize your field's potential. Extensive field tests and evaluations of the subsurface environment on three continents have allowed the Titan Process technology to become a dynamic, viable and proven enhanced oil recovery technology for the oil industry.

Global Results Using the Titan Process Show Strong, Profitable Production Increases
A decade was spent developing and commercially implementing the Titan technology. The Titan Process is a proven, low cost and environmentally friendly method of extending the profitable life of your oil field. It can also be used to profitably reopen previously shut-in wells.

The Titan Process® is a revolutionary and proven oil recovery technology utilizing breakthrough microbial technology which can bring new life to oil fields—and even bring shut-in wells back into production. Older MEOR technology problems have been effectively solved—producing dramatic increases in oil production in working fields.

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